Don’t Fall at The Second Hurdle

//Don’t Fall at The Second Hurdle

When you have a sweet profile, and you manage to put together a decent first message, you are set!

The girls will be knocking on your door.

They will want to know all about this cool, interesting guy who looks like he has his shit together.

Trouble is, you don’t know what to say next.

Because the girl has continued communication DOESN’T mean she wants a dick pic.

However much you may be busting for some action, there is still work to be done.

Don’t blow it at this stage by getting all sexual with your chat.

Stage Two – The Follow Up

You have to maintain a flow of conversation for a few messages.

For this you need to have things to talk about.

Number 1.

You ask her questions.

You should try to ask open questions (what, where, when etc.)

These more naturally lead to expanded conversation, as people have to add information to give an answer.

They cannot just say yes or no.

Number 2

Now, you cannot JUST ask questions. You have to give something in return.

That means actually having stuff to talk about.

The main thing here is to actually BE the person you portray in your profile.

If you have said you are an experienced world traveler, you had better have some exciting tales to back it up with.

Number 3.

Ask to meet in person after a few messages.

If chatting goes on too long, then you’ll get pushed into the friend zone.

She wants a confident guy who takes action.

So, impress the hell out of her and ask her on a date.

Into The Home Straight

If you have a well-crafted profile and you maintain good chat for a few messages, you will get a date.

You have made it to the offline world.

Stay confident and have some decent topics to talk about.

You don’t want to get this far and then end up with a bunch of awkward silences when you do meet.

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