Grab a Girl’s Attention – Guaranteed

//Grab a Girl’s Attention – Guaranteed

Approaching a beautiful girl can be scary. There are no two ways about it.

There is a strong possibility of crashing and burning.

You might end up looking like a fool. And nobody wants that.

What if there were a way to signal you liked the girl? BEFORE you threw your hand in and went to talk to her?

Of course, there is.

How to Signal Interest

You can:

– Make eye contact.

– Smile.

– Wave.

They can all work. But, they can all fail, too.

There’s a risk you will end up looking like a smiling, waving idiot.

BUT, this is NOT the case online.

Approaching Girls Online

In online dating communities, women actually EXPECT this behavior.

They are expecting you to send them winks and like their profiles.

So, instead of being worried about rejection (after you pluck up the courage to make eye contact with a hot girl), you can just send a virtual wink that does the job ten times more effectively.

These girls WANT to be winked at.

This is the 21st century way of signaling interest.

Let’s face it. The world’s a crazy place.

We get all kinds of mixed signals about how to approach dating.

Women want to be treated equally. But, the majority expect a man to pay for the meal.

Women want an unpredictable bad boy. But, they also want a guy to build a home with them.

Well, one thing is for sure. Online women still want YOU to signal your interest.

It’s a Numbers Game

And the beauty of it is?

You can do it with a couple of clicks.

AND you can cover a lot more ground.

Online you can approach multiple girls in no time. It much more efficient.

All you need to do is make sure you have a great profile yourself.

So, when she does visit you, she sticks around.

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