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Woman want to feel that “spark”, when they meet a guy.

Who knows what that “spark” actually is.

But, one thing if for sure.

You sure as hell won’t give her it, if you have red flags in your online dating profile.

Your profile is the first thing a girl sees.

How YOU present yourself in your profile will decide whether you give her those butterflies or she clicks away.

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Now, here’s what to leave out of your profile. And what to include instead.


These are the first thing she sees. These will determine whether she continues to look at your profile.

You may have heard that, “The eyes are the window to the soul”.

Well, your photos are the window to your online dating profile.

She will click away if you have:

Only one photo

Old photos

All group photos

All party photos

All shirtless photos

Make sure your pics show your real “interesting” life. And have a mix of styles.

Negative Language

Avoid using negatives in your profile language.

Using can’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t, don’t etc. marks you out as a malcontent.

Someone to be avoided.

Don’t talk about types of women that you “don’t need”.

Don’t talk about situation that you “can’t handle”.

And definitely DO NOT say you are “not looking for anything serious”.

Instead, portray yourself in a positive light.

Talk about your work in positive way.

Talk about the positive aspects in your life.

Talk about positive experiences you have had.

Mentioning sex

If you mention ANYTHING sexual you are going to get looked over. Plain and simple.

Girls KNOW guys are interested in sex. It’s a given.

That will not differentiate you from all the other guys (who also want sex).

Girls will use it as a filter to pass you over.

What should you do instead?

Well, there’s no substitute. Just see point 2 above. Be positive.

So, make sure:

You have decent photos.

You talk positively.

You keep it clean.

Make your profile here:

1. U.S & Canada Social Network Page.

2. U.K & Ireland Social Network Page.

When it satisfies the above guidelines, you will get a load more attention from girls.

Then YOU will be able to choose who you want to date.

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