Not Getting Enough Girls? Try The Following

//Not Getting Enough Girls? Try The Following

Big problem in online dating?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

There are so many profiles out there in dating land that hot girls have to make snap decisions about who to pursue.

One reason you won’t be beating them off?

Your dating profile headline is cheesy.

Crappy Headlines

Here are a few headlines that will turn her off.

“Looking for love”, etc – Obvious really. But mostly it comes across as sappy and overly romantic.

“Seeking a redhead vegetarian poker player,” etc – How many of those are out there? Limiting your options too early will get you ignored.

“Just into FWB,” etc – Oh my! The thing is. She probably isn’t. Guaranteed to reduce your success rate.

Good Headlines


You need to craft something that will make her want to find out more.

The following qualities are what women look for in a guy:

– Interesting

– Successful

– Masculine

Address some of them with intrigue, and she will want to investigate you.

“They said it was impossible… But, I did it anyway” – Who said that? What was impossible? What did he do?

She can get all the answers in your profile.

“Travel? Adventure? Excitement?” – All great words. And she can find the answers to all these questions. By visiting your profile.

“Escaping the normal” – Escape. Great romantic word. The normal. Yes, everyday is dull and boring.

Anything that gets her thinking is a good idea.

Make Her Laugh

You could try and make her laugh.

“I’m a catch! According to my mom,” or similar.

But, humor is subjective and if she doesn’t find it funny then, it’s over.

Just stick with the intrigue angle and you have more chance she will investigate further.

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