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Hey, you want to have sex with a hot girl?


That’s just you and all the other guys online.

If you are looking for a girl on an online dating site, you need to be after more than just sex.

If you just want to get laid, the problem is, she will know.

And she will ignore you.

What you need to do is figure out what really turns you on about a women.

This has to be more than just T & A.

The sexual angle won’t cut it.

Any hot girl will be receiving a ton of crude sexual messages. You have to elevate yourself above all the grunts and wolf-whistles.

How so?

Easy. Make a list of things about women that you want and then put some of them in your profile.

These are commonly known as deal-breakers.

But, the clever bit is not to phrase them as such.

An average guy might get around to stating, “I don’t want a game-player”.

Or “I don’t need a gold-digger”.

These are no good as they are negative and will have girls clicking away.

Instead, phrase things positively.

Write things like, “I’m looking for a girl has confidence in herself”

Or “I am looking for a girl with ambition who knows what she wants out of life”.

When you do this you stand out from the rest.

You show yourself to be self-assured, focused and determined.

In other words, exactly what girls want.

You become a high-value target for girls and they will pursue you.

Show women that you know what you want, and you won’t be messed around.

They are guaranteed to respond.

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